Friday, January 11, 2013

Elaine Pain: Selected Filmography

2012 “Within Living Memory” / “Walking with Spirits”
In research stage. Researcher/ Writer: Elaine Pain
Exploration of family roots leading back to Newfoundland
In the late 1700s. Idea of assumptions and where they led.

2007 “Thinking of You” video – 30 sec.
A postcard from rural Saskatchewan, the images are gleaned from works by
Elaine Pain and combined with her thoughts on the importance of the
Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-operative.

2007 “ Next Year Country” – video – approx. 10-20 min.
In Post Production Director/Videographer: Elaine Pain
Video/ Audio Editor: Darryl Miller
When future meets present optimism dies

2000 "Bewildered" - Video 7 min. 30 sec.
Director/ Script writer/Videographer: Elaine Pain
Video/Sound Editor: Darryl Miller
In the end they put grandma into a Home. It was best.
They said all the right things. It wasn't what she wanted to hear.

1996 "Thin Ice" - Video to Film. 14 min.
MFA Thesis : University of British Columbia
Investigation into the qualities of the wind within the
Prairie landscape
Sound design and execution: Darryl Miller
Nominated: Saskatchewan Showcase, 1996
Best Direction, Best Overall Sound
Award: Best Experimental

1995 “Fading Away” - 16mm. 30 min.
Producer/Director/Editor: Elaine Pain
Cinematography: Ron Jacobs
Additional Cinematography: Elaine Pain
Location Sound/ Sound Editor: Darryl Miller
Music: Darryl Miller
A docu-drama explores the disintegration of a rural way
of life through personal family memories with emphasis on
environmental change and impact.
Nominated: Saskatchewan Showcase, 1995
Best Documentary, Best Cinematography

1995 "Walking on Water" - Computer assisted Video 3 min. 30 sec.
Investigation of painterly qualities of computer to enhance
images of birds and water.

1992 “Serenity” - 16mm. 7 min. 30 sec.
A state or quality of being tranquil, dignified or
quiet. Combines images of cormorants, Hoo-Doo
formations and Japanese gardens through 16mm and Super
8 live action, and slides.

1990 “A Letter From Violet” - 16mm. 5 min. 10 sec.
A sensitive portrayal of the early history of the women’s
suffrage movement in Saskatchewan. The film takes the
form of a fictional letter from Violet McNaughton.
( Part of Five Feminist Minutes: Studio D. NFB)

1989 “Edge of Extinction” - 16mm. 5 min. 30 sec.
Combines rotoscope images of whooping cranes with
slides and photographs. Includes line drawings, re-photography
and multiple exposures.
“Gone the way of the whooping crane.
Once a symbol of certain extinction,
today a sign of hope”.
A haunting animation whose images blend hypnotically
with the inventive sound to form a powerful and hopeful
statement on survival.
Nominated: Golden Sheaf Awards, 1989
Award: Best Animation: Saskatchewan Showcase,
1988 "Deadication" 16 mm. 5min. 

Combines animation, stills, slides, Super 8 live

action footage blown up to 16mm, 16mm found footage,
re-photography, multiple exposure.

An animated montage of images of life and death. The film is a

poetic critique of human excess, constructed from footage
gathered at popular ice fishing lakes. The film concentrates its
attention on the fish left rotting on the ice through the inept
stupidity of irresponsible fishermen. These grizzly images are
interwoven with common symbols of life and death - fire, water,
skulls and bones - to become a microcosmic metaphor for the
environmental abuses taking place world wide.

1987 “Magic Kingdom Shrine”: Video Installation
The glorification of Mickey Mouse - an experimentation in
repetition, disintegration of image, and iconography.
Produced for: Art History 301
Re-installed for: Anniversary Celebration University of Regina -
College of Fine Arts

1984 “Morning Light” - 16mm. 6 min.
Silhouette animation and multiple exposure.
French and English text.
A children’s story about a small sun finding a home.

1981 “Boundaries” - 16mm. 2 min. 12 sec.
Cut out and multiple exposure animation.
Exploration and formation of boundaries through the use of
geometric shapes.
Award: Athens, Ohio Film Festival

1980 “Fly My Spirits” - 16mm. 3 min.
Cut out and multiple exposure animation. Poem by Elaine Pain.
A lyrical exploration of stylized birds.
Permanent Collection of Cinemateque Quebecoise

1978 “Sandswitch” - 16mm. (blow up Super 8) 2 min.
Sand animation
A playful film of transforming mandalas.